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Miessence holiday gift ideas

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Great gift ideas from Miessence

Support organic agriculture, negative carbon business practices, petroleum free products, and help bring the world closer to a sustainable future.  Your gift of Miessence is a gift that reflects your values and standards.  Share your love of organics.

ONEgroup Gift Certificates

 Teachers –  Give teachers a gift that will fit them perfectly, a Miessence Gift Certificate.  With values ranging from $25 to $200 you know they will be able to choose something they really want.

certified organic botanical perfumes

Tweens and Teens – Make the teen on your list feel extra special with hand crafted botanical perfumes.  For just $12.80 a trail size Miessence Botanical Perfume is personal and luxurious.  A little goes a long way and with the handy roller applicator, and it is easy to bring in your bag where ever you go.  USDA certified organic mean no hormone disrupting phthalates or other synthetics to disrupt their health and happiness.

Rejuvenessence Serum

Moms – Rejuvenessence Facial Serum was developed by Narelle Chenery as a gift for her own mom.  What better gift to give yours than this award-winning age defying serum.

Husbands and Fathers

Miessence Shave Essentials

The cold weather can dry men’s faces as well.  Give the men in your life Miessence After Shave Balm to hydrate and soothe their skin along with the moisture protection of the Rejuvenating Moisturizer.



 Little niece and nephew – Protect little hands arms and legs with the Miessence Baby Lotion (and it is not just for babies).  Certified to food grade standards with organic raw coconut oil and organic vanilla extract, it makes little skin soft and almost edible.

Miessence Baby Lotion



Best friend

Darling Salt Glow Body Scrub

What better way to treat your closest friend with than this limited edition hand and body scrub. Miessence Darling Salt Glow is specially formulated for the holidays with salt sourced from Australia’s troubled Murray-Darling Basin, organic coconut oil and delicious organic citrus and spice essential oils.


Author: Better Choices

I am a mother, wife, dancer who works as an organics and eco-business consultant. My passion is to find healthier, sustainable options in everyday living and share them with others. I believe that individuals can be agents for change in both the quiet privacy of their homes, and in the noisy public forums of communities and the world at large. I created Better Choices to be a positive agent for change, hopefully inspiring others to do the same. I offer education through seminars, blogs, social networking, and private home MiSpa Parties. I provide support to a team of Miessence Independent Representatives who are fulfilling their own goals through building businesses to support a sustainable future.

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